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RESTAURANTS - Below is a list of all the resturant laksa's that I've had and a quick review of each of them ...
I do not follow any strict guidelines or rules, my judgements are strictly done to my taste, no specific ingredients are required in fact the only really thing that i do look for is a nice thick curry sauce .... So having said that look out restaurants you may be next....

Chilli Padi
OE7 Menzies Alley Melbourne Central
cnr Little Lonsdale & Elizabeth St
Vic 3000
ph (03)9663 5688
Every now and then I find myself just craving a Laksa and there is nothing I can do but feed thay desire, luckily I had a bit of time to kill .....
Read More..

Rating - 8/10
Verdict - Great Looking and Great tasting Laksa
Sambal Kampung
234 Little Bourke St
Vic 3000
(03)9663 2666
Its been a Long time between Laksa's due to the Birth of my beautiful daughter, but she has to learn sometime and at 11 weeks of age its a perfect time to start her

Rating -
Verdict - Another tasty Laksa from Melbournes CBD Read More..

Nasi Lemak House
113 Gratten St
Vic 3053

I've been eyeing this place off for quite awhile now infact probably for about the last 6 months, I just haven't had the chance to actually do anything about yet. So when I happened to be in the area today around lunch time I had to act

Rating -
Verdict - It comes on it's own little tray, with a bowll filled to the brim... Read More..


191 Lygon st
Vic 3053
(03) 93478511

If you find yourself on Lygon St and you are cashed up and looking to get a Laksa fix. Drop in and give this one a go. It tastes great, though , just a bit rich for my pocket..

Rating -
Verdict - Good flavour just a bit pricey...
Singapore Chom Chom
188 Bourke St
Vic 3000
(03) 9663 3788

Unless fish cake is your thing, then I probably wouldn't try the Laksa here....

Rating - 5 / 10
Verdict - There's also a Chicken Laksa on the menu, but I don't think I was impressed enough the first time to worry about coming back, especially when there are so many more Laksa's to try... Read More...
Spicy Noodle Cafe
198 Latrobe St
Vic 3000
(03) 9639 7677

I had to make another special mission with my ever ready companion Troggie to source ourselves yet another laksa to review, for some reason laksa just isn't high on the list at corporate events....

Rating - 7 / 10
Verdict -A Big Bowl full of nice spicy noodles and gravy that will fill you up.. Read More...

Penang Coffee House
395 Burwood Road
Hawthorn 3022
(03) 9819 2092

It's been quite a while that I've wanted to go to this place for a laksa. I've known about it for some time now but have never really had a chance to get there until today......

Rating - 6 / 10
Verdict - Will give it another go but will try the Assam next... Read More...

Noodle Chef
413 Hampton St
Hampton, Victoria
(03) 95210199
Here's a place that is quite local to me.
I've never before looked at the menu while walking past ....

Rating -
7 / 10
Verdict - A nice mild laksa jammed full of vegtables. Read More...

Tivoli Arcade
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663 2588
Once again my good friend Troggie has put me onto another quality laksa. This one is in the centre of the bustling Melbourne CBD...

Rating -
8 / 10
Verdict - Good lunch time laksa if you can get a table straight away...

Chinta Ria
94 Acland St,
St. Kilda, Victoria
(03) 9525 4664

Another place my mate Troggie has recommended . Considering the excellent quality of the last one, I head in with my mouth watering....

Rating - 7 / 10
Verdict - A very tasty but mild laksa here, even with the sambal olek... Read More...

E & O Rice & Noodle Bar
Shop 207 Southland
Cheltenham 3192
(03) 9585 7800

Today I was really in the mood for a Laksa and not wanting to disappoint myself I head off to find me a nice thick bowl of curry gravy and noodles...

Rating - 5 / 10
Verdict -
If you like a mild laksa this is probably a good one for you but if it's a bit of kick you're looking for try another destination... Read More...
Think Asia
Shop 52
45 Collins St

First Impressions:
Heavy smell of fish sauce and a polystyrene bowl... Not a brilliant start for me...

Rating - 5/10
Verdict - nothing special nothing bad...

South Australia
Malacca Corner - Adelaide
Shop 9
Central Market
Adelaide 5000
Ph (08) 8231 5650

Towards the end of 2004 I received a phone call from a good mate of mine... He was sitting in front of "one of the best Laksa's in Australia"....

Rating - 8/10
Verdict - Could have done with more veg and larger chunks of chicken... Read More...

New South Wales

Shop 26 / 55 George st
Now I will be honest right from the start, this was not the restaurant that I had in mind when I made the trip to Parramatta.The only reason that it got a look in was because the place that I had travelled so far to get to was closed
Rating - 7/10
Verdict - Not the best one around but nothing wrong with it either.

Happy Chef

Sussex Centre
Shop F3
401 Sussex st

Haymarket Nsw
(02) 9281 5832

Sometimes you just get a craving for Laksa, and when that hits you just have to go out and get one....
Well it was while I was in Sydney for work when this craving came a calling.

Rating - 7 / 10
Verdict - Everything you could want from a laksa. Read More...

Noodle King - Bondi
126 Campbell pde
Bondi Beach NSW
(02)9130 8822
Mmmmmm yum ... The first look and smell tells me I'm going to enjoy this one. A nice thick soup in a big bowl....

Rating -7/10
Verdict - A good place for a quick tasty Laksa…. I'll be back...


Outside Australia
Downtown East Food court
1 Pastir Rls Close
Singapore 519599
Although it wasn't from a traditional hawker style market, my first Laksa from Singapore defiantly did not disappoint

Rating - 7/10
Verdict - The Search continues...
Not sure where but will try to track down an address
Well local knowledge is everything, and on a quick work trip to Singapore, I was taken to a little known part of town to try one of the laksa's there.

Rating - 9/ 10
Verdict - Thumbs up all around! Considering that this "isn't the best Laksa around" I'm still very impressed...Read More...

Parkway Arcade Food Court
80 Marine Pde Rd
Singapore 449269

My last day in Singapore and what do you think I'm going to be doing today? That's right Laksa tasting….

Rating - 9/10
Verdict - So if you are in the area at some time please do yourself a flavour and try one of these...Read More...

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