Fresh Mud Crab Laksa
Reviewed by AK on 19th Feb 2005

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Cost about $10 in total (will explain why so cheap)

Well this one is going to be hard to beat, not only is it the cheapest laksa around considering the ingredients but it would have to be one of the most beautifully freshest dishes I have ever taken part in..

Not only did we make the paste from scratch but we also went out and caught the Mud Crabs ourselves, Mmmmmm beautiful big claws full of tasty white meat...

So with this one, unless I physically climb a tree and cut down the coconuts for the coconut milk, I don't think I could of got it much fresher (and believe me I'm writing this review from far north Queensland I could quite easily do it...)

So you ask what am I doing up in the top end of Australia? Surely I didn't come all this way just to have a Mud Crab Laksa, well for the purpose of this website I did.... it also just so happens that there is a Film Festival that I am involved in now that occurs up their once a year called Port Shorts that is run by Sammi my beautiful girlfriend but that's enough about that lets talk Laksa...

I think it was about 2 months ago that I was promised this dish by some close friends of ours who had witnessed a chef friend of theirs cook this for them, and although they had sent me pics, they said that it was probably better that I came up and experienced it for myself because it was going to be hard enough for them to write the review without having a few good Laksa's under there belts.

The problem now is that they struck gold the first time and everything after this is going to be a bit of a let down.
(Sorry kids)

So anyway how do you score a Laksa that cannot be beaten, for price and flavour? Add to that eating in what some consider to be a tropical paradise in good company of friends.

Well to put it simply you have to be tough..... And if I'm going to be tough about it I'm going to have to say that the late arrival of the noodles and vegetables is going to be its downfall...

Now I know you guys are crying out 'unfair' and all sorts of things but in order to get a perfect 10 its going to have to be exactly that "Perfect" You can argue that Mud Crab soaked in Laksa gravy and put in a big wok in the middle of the table is superb and what else do you need? And you are right. It almost scored that elusive number but unfortunately the dish we made this evening did include those few ingredients and IF they were served up at the same time.... who knows what it could of scored?... but alas the smell and sight alone of the mudcrab caused us all to forget until it was too late ...

So that is why the score is what it is....

But next time............

If you ever get the chance do yourself a huge Flavour.....

Fresh Mud Crab Laksa

Rating -
9.8 / 10
Verdict - amazingly fresh ingredients with such a superb flavour

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