HOMEMADE LAKSA - So look out resturants here's where we discover how to make our very own Laksa either straight from a can, the supermarket variety or made from the freshest ingredients know to man. I'm prepared to have a go....

The Can Variety
Prep time

2mins straight from the can

I haven't done a laksa in a can review for quite awhile so off I go to the local supermarket to see which one was going to the one for today's taste testing...
Prep time
5mins straight from the can
20mins w/extras
Having recently started a website and dedicating a page to my addiction to Asian food particularity towards a good laksa, I decided to kick it off with a review of a basic "off the shelf Laksa in a Can"... Read More...
Fresh Laksa
Prep time
20mins for Laksa
15mins for paste

Well this one is going to be hard to beat, not only is it the cheapest laksa around considering the ingredients but it would have to be one of the most beautifully freshest dishes I have ever taken part in.. Read More...
Prep time
20mins for Laksa
25mins for paste
I've recently discovered how to make a laksa from scratchÖ Now to clear this up a bit I didn't actually cook the first one myself but I watched it being prepared before my eyes ..... Read More...

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